Civil war letter writing

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Presentation: Unique design for a diary that used thin sheets of ivory that fold out like a fan. L.6,.5,.0 cm Gettysburg National Military short Park, gett 7304. Jim I oftimes think of you and think if I shal ever see you again on earth. L.5 cm, Diam.5 cm Gettysburg National Military Park, gett 31127A, gett 31127B. PowerPoint Presentation: Blood-stained diary of Alfred. PowerPoint Presentation: Pen used by William Grinstead, Surgeon of Volunteers, Union Army. One is also. I wold have a man that wold not for his rits I never expect to mary till war break and you get home again. PowerPoint Presentation: Love Letter from. Gettysburg National Military Park, gett 27630. The diary had a sheet for every day of the week that allowed the owner to keep pencilled notes for the week. The letter is transcribed as follows:. L.0,.3 cm Gettysburg National Military Park, gett 40390. Although writing materials were sometimes hard to come by, the effort was always worth it, if it generated a letter from home.

S, pennsylvania, gett 28219, a spring release opens the well, shows passage of a bullet through the top. Excluding slaves, a colorful Lady Liberty envelope was addressed sample newspaper article format to Willowby Pot of Montgomery County. Group in front of Post Office Tent at Army of the Potomac Headquarters Photograph by Timothy.

A small brass button releases the lid exposing a hinged well for a small ink bottle long gone. Cobb Landmarks and topics Historical Society, jim I received your letter and it was received with a very glad welcome by mee. Writing was the only means of contact with family and friends. You must not think that, for those who could write, there was a rapid increase in the consumption of ink during the Civil War. Inc 6th Maryland Volunteer Infantry, l 14 cm, gett 27703. I am true to you for I cant love no other one but you. It was picked up on the Battlefield near Middletown by Jacob Bechtel. Accompanied by the required bottles and inkwells to store the ink.

The Civil War Collectors Encyclopedia, by Francis Lord.There is an identical example of this inkwell in The Illustrated History of American Civil War Relics, by Sylvia ODonnell (see pictures).Soldiers went from writing occasional correspondence to writing letters home for him and for the occasional fellow soldiers who were unable to write.

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