Animal experimentation essay

26 September 2018, Wednesday
movement for the ending animal. Furthermore, animal rights supporters label scientists as cruel for causing animals to die in medical experiments, while they do not oppose the people, mostly farmers, who kill animals for food, even though they know that 99 of animals deaths is caused by farmers while only. Human vivisection has been a form of torture in the past. Aristotle and Erasistratus were one of the first people to use animals for experiments. If we compare life from last century to our current one anyone can see that the death rate has gone down because of the medical advancements that were made possible. Although the animal rights activists claim that people and animals are equal and thus they should be treated equally, I think that people and animals cannot be seen equal, and therefore the death of an animal cannot be the same thing as the death. The most of people would answer that vivisection meant cutting into living tissue. We spend over 18 billion on animal experimentation for millions of animals to die and suffer for the safety of human medicine. The types of tests that are conducted and the effects it has on the animals. There is no doubt that the incredible gift of medicine would not be possible without animal experimentation. Animal Experimentation for Medicine "The question is not, Can they reason? Animal experimentation is currently one of the most controversial topics under public scrutiny, the scientific, religious and social community. Animals were not experimented in order to find out potential treatments for patients, scientists also used them for testing cosmetic or explore their functions. Moreover, instead of using animals alternative methods can be used to replace animal testing. (Lpag - Biomed for the Layperson.) Such experimentation has been used to test potential drugs and develop new medicines and treatments. But recently, animals have been used in medical experimentation, research and testing. (Hills 21) In the second century a Roman physician named Galen dissected goats and pigs, a practice which later earned him the title the father of vivisection. Animal testing costs over 136 billion dollars annually for the American public, so animal testing is actually very expensive. A fundamental question of this debate is whether the functions of animal testing and research are morally and ethically justified. Millions of dog owners celebrate their dogs birthday. The views of the public diverge greatly whether animal experimentation leads to medical breakthroughs or such progress is achievable by other means. Alternatively there are other methods that can be used instead of animal experimentation and these include the methods of replacement, reduction and refinement. Some studies show that the animal experimentation is unnecessary and useless. I feel that animal testing is definitely giving us information but it is not worth it for all the pain the animals are experiencing. Such a small question, with endless answers.

Is it really fair for the animals if they have to give their stock lives and then we just throw away everything that comes out. Animal experimentation began with the Greeks in the third and fourth century BC with their curiosity of human bodily functions. But also let us know more about the structure of animals bodies. Almost ten percent arent and 9 of the ones who are die. In addition, this will be like justifying that. Animal welfare can be defined as a moderate stance. Alternative testing methods exist which can be used to replace animal testing. Animal experimentation is a procedure whereby nonanimals are tested and used to develop treatments. Prioritize their own survival above other animals thus making any use of animals justifiable Fox.

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Make up, persuasive Essay on Animal Experimentation, medicine. What many people tend to forget are the great numbers of animal subjects that have suffered serious harm during the process of experimentation. What the law does not protect and is the testing that happens in laboratories. Food additives, animals also generate high levels of depression and stress from being contained inside of small cages.

The two reason for animal testing are First, to find out more about the animals themselves, and, secondly to test substances and procedures to see if they are harmful (with a view to find out if they are harmful to human beings) (Dixon).Because opponents believe animal testing is cruel and ill-gotten and a lot of fight, protests, reasons against it, so everyone try to decrease the number of animals used in studies and finding alternatives.Some of the animals are not properly anesthetized.

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