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26 September 2018, Wednesday
writers block. Lists of tips or ideas, like this one. Ever read a blog post and realized that you knew more than the writer about the topic, or believed you could do a better job at writing about it? Write a tribute to someone who has had a major impact on your career or life. Why aren't more writers diving into the amazing content that is being produced in the podcasting world each and every day, and using that content for their blog posts? You're not a writer of fiction - or so you think. Not just look how great I am, but heres what you can learn from this. Take something you do well, break it down into steps, and then illustrate and support each step in the process with facts and examples. Provide commentary on a thought-provoking podcast conversation. There are so many interesting stories that are waiting to be told. Some folks believe the best remedy for this is to just sit down and write, publish - and then do it again (and again). The A-Z good of marketing, the A-Z of pet care, the A-Z of project management. Information on products or services that will benefit your audience. At other times, a topic I've been chewing on and researching finally crystallizes in my mind and flows naturally and quickly through my fingertips. Find ideas from content that has already been published and put your unique spin.

But the people who contribute are likely daily journal writing sample to share the article too. Quizzes are fun to create, and wade my way through the latest things happening in pop culture. But what if there were a shortcut. Peg your topic to a recurring holiday or event.

Here is a list of article ideas you can write for your website or blog.Check out our designer Christian Tait s excellent guide: A-Z of Design.I have put together a top 10 list of how to get new article ideas.

Write a howto guide, some of my most popular articles have been the ones where I was passionateeven angry. Respond to an editorial in the New York Times or other popular paper. Check out our designer Christian Taits excellent guide. And you know how to. So why not share that, prepare ideas some questions around a theme.

Case studies make for brilliant content, especially if you use them as opportunities to teach something.But I hope it gives you some ideas the next time you run out of topics to write about.Provide a list of useful tips for doing something better.

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